🤖Discord Bot Guide

For server owners:

Alpha/Private Server Payment Configuration: Owners have the ability to set up payment preferences for exclusive servers, determining the specified fee for entry and indicating the wallet address.

Payment Criteria and Token Holding Requirements: Owners possess the flexibility to tailor payment conditions and token retention criteria, enabling them to choose a specific token and establish the necessary amount that members must uphold in their wallets to sustain continuous access to the server You can add the bot to a server where people already exist, it will not exclude them from the server. Guide for server owners: -> 1: Incorporating the Bot into Your Discord Server Open the bot: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=1216159157502214207&permissions=8&scope=bot

-> 2: Configuring Entry Parameters Hit the "/defend" command to define the subsequent access parameters. Here's an example of setting parameters:

currency: ETH 
payment-amount: 0.0001 
payment-wallet: 0xd30934729E6e47329591F486bB63E4F30Bc01a1a 
token-amount: 150 
token-contract: 0x3f57c35633cb29834bb7577ba8052eab90f52a02

(List of chains: ETH, BNB, SOL, ARB, AVAX,

Press enter, and the bot will share the invite link with you.

Tip: To include an NFT/TOKEN holding requirement, simply tap the + sign and choose NFT/TOKEN option.

Everything else works the same way as the Telegram bot, with the only exception being:

  • Bot direct messaging new members. If this isn't happening, they should update their privacy settings to allow Discord server members to send them direct messages.

  • Not yet implemented in this version: AI responses, statistics, top lists, direct messages, ads, close/open, whitelist. These features will be focused on protecting the group, getting verified, and whitelisting members. We'll prioritize and list the missing features once we deliver first version and recevie your feedback.

For individuals seeking entry into the server through the invite link:

  1. Demonstrate Token Ownership: When an ERC20 token and amount are specified, users must verify that their Ethereum account holds the minimum required quantity of tokens associated with the provided contract address.

  2. ETH Transfer for Verification: Execute the transfer of the specified amount of ETH to the designated ETH address for account verification and wait for the TXN to confirm on the blockchain. This step confirms ownership of the account <- IMPORTANT

  3. To join the server, type the command /verifyme, and the bot will send you a message with requirements.

To access the server, open a dialogue with the bot, check if you meet all the requirements, then proceed with the transaction. Send the wallet from which the transaction was made first, and then the transaction hash in the dialogue with the bot.

  1. You need to specify the wallet from which the transfer will be made and where you hold the tokens (it should be the same wallet)

  2. Share the bot the transaction hash that was made from the wallet you specified

Important Notice: Verification hinges on both token ownership and ETH transfer. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the server owner or bot administrator t.me/legendaryanubis

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