📹Telegram Bot Guide

For group owners:

Alpha/Private Group Payment Configuration: Owners have the ability to set up payment preferences for exclusive groups, determining the specified fee for entry and indicating the wallet address.

Payment Criteria and Token Holding Requirements: Owners possess the flexibility to tailor payment conditions and token retention criteria, enabling them to choose a specific token and establish the necessary amount that members must uphold in their wallets to sustain continuous access to the group. You can add the bot to a group where people already exist, it will not exclude them from the group. Guide for group owners:

Guide for people who want to join the group:

-> 1: Incorporating the Bot into Your Group Include @DefenderProBot in your Telegram group and authorize it with administrative privileges. Tip: Before adding the bot to the group, make the chat history visible to everyone.

-> 2: Configuring Entry Parameters Hit the "/defend" command to define the subsequent access parameters. Tip: To view all available commands for the bot, use the "/help" command. Option 1:

ETH Transfer: Enter the desired amount of ETH users must pay and provide the corresponding ETH wallet address to receive the designated payment, with the freedom to set the entrance fee from zero to infinity as per your discretion.

Token Ownership Verification Establish a minimum ERC20 token quantity and supply the associated contract address. Inputting "0" will exempt you from this prerequisite. If your goal is for user to simply pay for entry and gain access to the group, you can set the token quantity to 0 and provide either 0 or any other value instead of the contract address.

In this scenario, the person would need to send the specified amount of ETH to the provided address without the obligation to hold any tokens. Upon completing the payment, they would receive access to the group in the form of a link. Option 2:

For instance, let's say you decide to create a group with specific criteria (whale group), such as allowing entry only to individuals holding more than 10 of your tokens. Initially, you take the first step by setting the ETH amount that people need to pay to confirm their wallet. Subsequently, you specify the token quantity, for example, 10, and provide the contract address of your token. The person receives the link only if both conditions are met: they have sent the required amount of ETH and they hold the specified quantity of tokens you set. Option 3: It works exactly the same as the second option, but it utilizes NFTs.

-> 3: Defender Link Generation

Upon configuring the parameters, the bot activates itself and creates an "invite link," which the group owner can distribute to others. Tip: If you've established a group and need a reminder of the entered data, you can review it by using the command /req.

For individuals seeking entry into the group through the invite link:

  1. Demonstrate Token Ownership: When an ERC20 token and amount are specified, users must verify that their Ethereum account holds the minimum required quantity of tokens associated with the provided contract address.

  2. ETH Transfer for Verification: Execute the transfer of the specified amount of ETH to the designated ETH address for account verification and wait for the TXN to confirm on the blockchain. This step confirms ownership of the account <- IMPORTANT

Link Request: Upon completing the ETH transfer, click the “SEND PAYMENT TX” button and send the transaction link to the bot. You can use the link to join the Telegram group.

Important Notice: Verification hinges on both token ownership and ETH transfer. Adhere to the steps attentively for a smooth entry into the group. Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the group owner or bot administrator. WHITELIST FEATURE: Group owners can now whitelist someone to a group using the following command:

/whitelist 0123456789

👉🏻with 0123456789 being the user ID

To find the user ID, you can use any Telegram bot capable of determining user or group IDs. We used the first one we found for this purpose: t.me/username_to_id_bot (You can use any other bot, it’s just an example)

For group owners within the Telegram group, this command can be used directly. If you're an admin using the command from direct message to the bot, specify which group you want to whitelist a user for like this:

/whitelist 0123456789 -1064727474

👉🏻with 0123456789 being the user ID 👉🏻-1064727474 being the group ID

In case a person doesn't have tokens or they can't make a payment to join a group. First, you add them to the whitelist, then you invite them with a regular invitation link and the bot will ignore their presence in the group.


We're thrilled to announce the integration of AI into the Defender Bot. We've just begun the training process. Currently, it can seamlessly replace ChatGPT for quick questions. By tomorrow, the bot will be trained with comprehensive information about our project and will have its own personality, infused with a touch of humor.

To ask a question, simply type /defender and proceed with your inquiry.

With each passing day, it will continue to enhance its capabilities and become even smarter. CLOSE/OPEN GROUP ACTIVITY: In response to some community members' requests, we've implemented a special feature.

It allows you to pause group activity if you don't want the link to be active for a while, preventing new members from joining.

You can use the command /close to restrict access to the group link and /open to reinstate it.

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