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SOURCE OF REVENUE FOR DFNDR $DFNDR token holders are entitled to receive revenue shares (In the form of buyback and burn) from all Defender Bot incomes. Defender Bot offers a distinctive opportunity for various projects to showcase their products in a dedicated and well-defined space. Elevating the advertising experience, the bot further provides the flexibility of custom message broadcasting across all groups where it is deployed. Embarking on a promotional journey with Defender Bot starts at an accessible 0.2 ETH for a 24-hour advertising slot. Broadcast ads example:

1. 50% of all monthly advertising and cross-promotion income 2. 2% from all DFNDR transactions (40% from trading volume) 3. 50 % of all Custom Premium Bots (Broadcast messages, Personalized branding, Additional features)

The revenue system in Defender Bot operates as follows:

  1. The tax accumulates as revenue.

  2. Periodically, the project team conducts a buyback of tokens on the market using the accumulated revenue.

  3. The purchased tokens are then burned, meaning they are sent to an address that is inaccessible for further use, affecting the overall token supply and potentially influencing its price.

This process helps maintain demand for the project's tokens and may contribute to their long-term appreciation.

The main answers to your questions.

  1. When will revenue accumulation begin?

    • Revenue accumulation will start from the first day of April.

  2. When will buybacks and burns start, and how often will they occur?

    • Buybacks and burns will take place every 7-10 days, without a fixed date or prior announcement, to avoid adverse consequences. Tokens will be bought back by the team and burned instantly. We will publish all details and transactions for public viewing. Additionally, we will create a dedicated page on the whitepaper so that you can check transactions at any time if you missed them.

  3. What percentage of revenue from the tax?

    • Initially, we promised 1% of all transactions, but after consulting with the team, we decided that 3% out of 5% would suffice for marketing and development. Therefore, starting from April 1st, 2% of all transactions will go into revenue.

Let's not forget about broadcast ads and the premium bot in the future as it will bring income too.

We want to highlight an important detail: due to the fact that the contract has been renounced, we have only one wallet where all the tax is accumulated. Therefore, at the end of March, we will transfer the funds from the Marketing wallet to the Development wallet: 0xd6a65A019986Ce9D8E0E978422422EE23c1e298D.

You can verify this wallet in our contract.

After that, every 7-10 days, we will deduct 2/5 of the entire tax from the clean slate and distribute it to two wallets: 3% to the Development wallet and 2% to the Revenue wallet.

Revenue wallet: 0xE1e4AF736Cde78586519471cb6b0dFbd62D59628

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